Greg Hamel

Montreal · Canada · Email

I am an Aeronautical Engineer, but also a hobbyist programmer who loves to learn about different techniques and languages. Experienced in Javascript, Python and also knowledgeable in C#, I am always open to new challenges and opportunities to learn something new.

I love to work remotely on open-source project, this will often happen at night, over the weekend, or whenever I have a few minutes to dedicate to something I think has potential.

I'm very versatile and am not afraid to learn new languages. I have done so for a number of projects. I read on new programming subjects everyday, lately this reading has been focused on the MongoDB, Express, React, Node.js stack and learning the ways of devOps through this website.



Collaborate on the React version of the Bootstrap-based Tabler UI Framework. Tabler-react employs React, I learnt group workflow using Git, was able to debug issues raised by other users and fix them.

A small flight-planning tool used to provide METAR/NOTAM information for airports around the globe. Hosted at this domain, it has allowed me to learn much of deployment strategies, page scrapping, apache and node.js


Develop an open-source Finite Element Model to resolve a heatsink fin heat dissipation. I used an object-oriented approach to solving nodes and elements equations, MatPlotLib library for display.


Develop a third-party app that employs SolidWorks™ to analyse two assemblies and reveal if they contain the same parts. I used C# and COM to utilize SolidWorks™ API.


École de technologie supérieure

Masters Level Courses
  • Development of a third-party app which connected to the SolidWorks COM API.
  • Development of a Finite Element Modeling Software to calculate 1D structural load and 2D heat loss scenarios.
May 2017 - Dec 2017

Royal Military College of Canada - Kingston

Bachelor of Aeronautical Engineering
August 2012 - May 2015

Collège militaire royal du Canada - Saint-Jean

CEGEP - Sciences Naturelles
August 2010 - May 2012


Programming Languages


I am pretty geeky, anything related to technology is a great conversation starter with me. I am a big puzzle fan, any type will do! I usually have a 1K pieces puzzle in the works at home and love my rubik cubes.

I also love the outdoors, hiking in the summer and skiing in the winter. Rock climbing is my year-round sport, which I had the chance to start a year ago. Recently discovered bouldering, which I quickly fell in love with.

I've always been a fan of car rally and partake in Time-speed-distance (or Navigational) rallies when I can. This allows me to expend some adrenaline from time to time.


  • MongoDB · M101JS: MongoDB for Node.js Developers - Cerificate
  • · Responsive Web Design - Cerificate
  • · JavaScript Algorithms and Data Structures - Cerificate